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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who knows we need change in Annapolis so our way of life is preserved. Our children deserve better representation than they've had and our communities need a stronger voice in the currently unpredictable world. I will take our concerns and needs to Annapolis and deliver results for all of our District.

I'm a strong supporter of school choice. I've had children in the public school setting and I homeschooled them as well. Every family has to make the decision on what works best for their children.


As we learned over the past two years - every child cannot learn (or learn well) in every environment. While some took to online education, others failed. Some families didn't have the proper equipment for their children to really work from home. These are all factors that we have to deal with and work out solutions where all of our children can thrive and succeed!

Parents should have a say in our children's curriculum. Annapolis has not been hearing our requests. It's time we take real solutions on education choices to the General Assembly.


I won't sugar coat this - our pocketbooks are painful today. Between rising prices at the grocery store and gas prices near double what they were a year ago, our families are hurting. We have to live on our salaries and the government needs to as well. Thankfully Maryland has balanced budget requirement, but are the funds going to things in a proper fashion? It's time to dig deep and see where our money is going and make sure it isn't hindering us, but helping us live our best lives possible.

Preserving Our Way of Life

The Eastern Shore of Maryland has a unique, rich, and historic way of life. It's a life that built this state and helped our country thrive. We have been a leader in protecting the environment with our watermen's vast knowledge of the Bay and our farmers finding better and more efficient ways to grow our food.

The hard work it takes in our local small businesses, farming, forestry, and the fishery industry gives us the skills and perseverance to help turn Maryland around from the liberal course it has taken. It's time to bring our commonsense to Annapolis.

Safety & Security

​Communities thrive and succeed when communities are safe and secure. Our local law enforcement must be supported. Recent attempts to defund or limit necessary funding for our police and sheriffs has hurt morale and taken away necessary training and continuing education for our officers and deputies. The Eastern Shore backs the blue and so do I. 

Annapolis needs to ensure that our law enforcement has the funding. training, continuing education, proper and even extra certifications so our men and women in law enforcement have the best skills to serve our communities.

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