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Green Farm


New Leadership for the Eastern Shore. Leading with Our Values and Lessons from Our Lifestyle.

Why I'm running:

I'm a mother, grandmother, businesswoman, and love our way of life on the Eastern Shore. I'm fed up with business as usual in Annapolis and so I knew I had to get involved.

What I support:

I support a solid education for every child in the District. That might mean public school, private school, charter school, or homeschool. So in short, I believe in school choice and I practiced that with my own children when I homeschooled them.

I support our law enforcement. We must maintain and in some cases increase our safety and security in our communities and that starts with properly financed law enforcement. I also support continuing training and education for our officers and  sheriff deputies. 

I believe in preserving our way of life on the Eastern Shore - farmers, forestry, and watermen. We have a rich history that built Maryland and it must be preserved. The hard work and perseverence in this life will only help our communities going forward.


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